The “Ultimate Guide to International Marathons” once declared the Jungfrau Marathon to be the most beautiful marathon in the world.  This year the mountain scenery around Interlaken couldn’t have been more beautiful to confirm this description.

More than 4000 runners from around the world started in the 18th Jungfrau Marathon. Its 1829m altitude and 305m sloping terrain might sound scary to many runners but the beauty on this course with its changing scenery between Interlaken and the finish at the Kleine Scheidegg help to get them through.
There is no other marathon in Europe with such dimensions. Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau offer some of the most famous mountain scenery of the Alps. Clear skies and warm temperatures created perfect conditions for runners in the event.   

In the men´s category the five-time mountain running world champion Marco de Gasperi from Italy won the race while the Swiss Marc Lauenstein finished second.  As for the fastest women, Simona Staicu from Hungary crossed the finish line first. Simone Niggl-Luder, three-times Swiss sport champion of the year, finished second.



On the Friday before Jungfrau Marathon, almost 2000 men and women took part in another highlight.

Athletic milestones from decades back in time are immortal, for example, the achievements of Roger Bannister from England.  On 6th May 1954 he became the first man to run the mile (1609m) in less than four minutes and the term “dream mile” was born.

The Jungfrau mile is the only professional race where men and women race to compare each other.  With a finish time below 4 minutes, the Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony won this race.

The Jungfrau Marathon is part of the “Mountain-Marathon-Cup” together with the LGT Alpin Marathon and the Zermatt Marathon which is also covered by  Next year this series will be joined by the Kaisermarathon in Söll, Austria.

Date:  11th September 2010





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