Start the year on the right foot with the Prom’Classic on 5th January, 2014!

Popular, festive, with a fast and flat seaside route on the promenade des Anglais; reasons to enter the 1st French 10 km of the year!  Remember - subscriptions are limited to 7,000 runners!


A dreamed of landscape

Prom'Classic, the first race organized in the running calendar is also the favourite race for thousands of runners.  The sun is particularly generous in its appearances in January on the French Riviera and the atmosphere is pleasant and festive along the route and on the finishing line.


Starting in waves

There will be big changes to the race start in 2014. Indeed, in order to ensure the smooth flow of the race, all the runners will start in 5 waves!


A festive atmosphere

This is a friendly and festive atmosphere that will appeal to both runners.


First race of the year

After the Christmas holidays, start the year on the right foot! Set new resolutions and new sporting challenges for 2014!  Further details visit





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