All big things start small.  Just as a marathon begins with a first mile, grand plans can be born on a scrap of paper over a Czech beer or two.

When two friends, Carlo Capalbo and Gelindo Bordin, met in a local Prague tavern two decades ago neither of them expected that a friendly conversation and a sketch of a possible race course on a small paper tray would give birth to an idea which would set an entire country on the move.  

With the blessing of the Czech triple Olympic Champion Emil Zátopek, 958 runners took to the streets in June 1995 for the first ever Prague Marathon which has been on a fast track to international acclaim ever since.





Today the Volkswagen Prague Marathon is one of the top running destinations in the world.  With a course starting and finishing right in the heart of Prague and crossing the famous Charles Bridge it attracts over 9500 runners form 91 countries (foreign runners make up almost 50% of all race participants).  

On 11th May 2014, the Volkswagen Prague Marathon will celebrate its 20th anniversary in a three day celebration of sport and a healthy and happy lifestyle!

In the years since its inception the Prague Marathon has become the platform for creating something powerful and unique - RunCzech Running League which, in addition to the Marathon, offers six more races in five enchanting cities of the Czech Republic.  

Being the only organization in the world to hold six IAAF Road Race labels, RunCzech assures the same high level of quality in the regional events and provides runners with much more than just a start and a finish.

This year RunCzech also opened the doors to a brand new Running Mall – a one-of –a-kind meeting point for runners in the heart of Europe. Here they can register for a race, join a RunCzech running club and train together with elite athletes, gain professional medical advice, attend running conferences, get fit in the gym, visit an adidas running store or simply meet running enthusiasts from all around the world!  Prague has never been closer to a runners’ heart… Time to plan a visit!



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