Landed in Los Angeles around 7.30 am, our direct flight from San Paulo, suddenly incorporated a change in Lima, Peru, but once through the airport we were taken to the world famous Rose Bowl and onto marathon number three!

The reception committee was fantastic, the Braille Institute, the charity being supported had arranged a carnival it seemed and we started with plenty of enthusiasm and smiles. It was a glorious day bobbing around 16 degree C; with blue sky I’m told.

There were between 20 and 30 runners who joined us periodically, some doing a few miles and some a couple of laps of the Rose Bowl and also a running pal came over from England purposely to run LA with us.  What was absolutely fantastic was that for around 6 miles we were joined by the Elvis Presley Athletics Club, running to the beat of Elvis, superb!

Amongst other people running was a retired FBI investigator and some of the stories he told me, made your hair curl, but it helped to eat the miles away.

There was also a bell that I kept hearing ring! As we were running around the Rose Bowl I thought the sound of the bell indicated a lap, they certainly seemed to be coming quickly, but I was told that as we were running one way, a lady with this bell was walking the opposite way and ringing it every time we passed her, but as we approached 25 miles, our poem was read by Phil, riding his bike and carrying the all important Lucazade supplements, once again spirits were lifted.

We ran through the finish in 4 hours and 35 minutes, the band struck up and the cheers rang out, including the bell! Yes the legs were aching, but I do believe that having such a crowd and fantastic support on the day helped the mind forget the pain, it was just what the doctor ordered. There was a lot of chatter, smiles, once again yelps as we climbed into the ice baths, food, drink and for me the food of the day cheese and onion rolls and a prize, chocolate Dunkin doughnuts!

Sadly, as we had come in with a short hello, we left with a quick goodbye and it was off to the airport; Sydney awaits.

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