At the 14th Cologne Marathon – presented by the  Sparkasse Köln-Bonn – the city on the river Rhein will be covered with runners. It is the biggest running event in Nordrhein Westfalen and the fourth biggest marathon in Germany.

There is a marathon, marathon-relay, handbike marathon, half-marathon, 10km run, children events and an ultra-marathon over an impressive 73km.

Where else do you find bumble bees, boxers, dwarfs, bananas, popes, kings, clowns, naked runners, beer barrels, or even 30 men in diapers chained together?  All of them remind you of having fun on the course - even if the legs sometimes twitch and the finish line is still far away ...

So far more than 12,000 runners, handbikers and skaters have signed up to take to the streets of the carnival city on 3rd October.

So, what you are waiting for? Sign up and start training!  Experience the real Cologne – it is fast and charming.  It is also a great city to celebrate success after the event in one of the many pubs next to the river Rhein.

Next event date:
Sunday 3 October 2010

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